Player Stats


Individual reports

Clevin Hannah

*Pick & Roll*

He’s been very good on offense (76%ile in ACB) and specially as a Pick & Roll Handler (99%ile).

If we add Eurocup to increase the sample (48 games) that’s 89%ile and 96%ile respectively for International.

When handling the PNR (overall 91%ile), it’s almost 50/50 in terms of shooting/passing, although he’s been more efficient as scorer:

  • Shooting: 1.128 PPP (218 pos), 80/161 FG, 57% eFG, 12%TOV
  • Passing: 1.059 PPP (222 pos), 87/173 FG, 59% eFG, 11% TOV

The team scored 0.955 PPP for Pick & Rolls including passes (14% TOV), so they’ve been much better with him on the court.

If we compare how his teammates scored from his passes 2019/2020 [1.059 PPP] VS 2018/2019 season at Gran Canaria [1.126], we see a slight decrease:

  • To Roll Man: 1.07 VS 1.158
  • To Spot Up: 1.071 VS 1.071
  • To Cut:  0.958 VS 1.353

Efficiency on passes to Spot Up is the same, although his share has gone down from 60% to 50% – more passes to Roll Man in Andorra.

Not a big difference on which side he prefers to go

Great scorer from different zones, elite PNR player

*Ball Handling*

He’s been quite consistent the past few years on %AST (around 33-34%), but has managed to reduce %TOV (from 19% to 16%).

Besides, his %TOV has gone down on his most common playtype (PNR BH) when finishing from 19% to 12%, though it has increased on passing from 8% to 11%.

Overall, on PNR situations it’s just decreased barely a point (from 13.2% to 12.3%), but it’s worth taking into account due to volume of possessions he plays:

  • 2019/2020: 440 pos, 59% of time
  • 2018/2019: 605 pos, 68% of time


Small increases on shooting percentages when comparing 2019/2020 VS 2018/2019:

  • True Shooting %: 64% VS 59%
  • Effective Field Goal %: 58% VS 54%
  • Field Goal %: 48% (7.7 att) VS 44% (7.9)
  • 3-point %: 41% (3.7) VS 39% (3.6)
  • Free throw %: 91% (2.9) VS 90% (2.3)

He’s been excellent on Spot Up shooting with 1.185 PPP (86%ile International) on 92 possessions.

  • 53% of his spot up shots come with no dribble (1.347 PPP)
  • With dribble, he tends to drive left (last two seasons: 29% & 23% VS 13% & 10% to the right) although he’s not more efficient 



Moussa Diagne

*Pick & Roll*

He has become a solid player on this situation. If we look at his last 3 seasons, there’s no doubt he’s an efficient player even with high volume:

  • 2019/20: 1.134 PPP – 97 poss – 39% of time
  • 2018/19: 1.221 PPP – 145 poss – 36% of time
  • 2017/18: 1.241 PPP – 79 poss – 28% of time

So in terms of efficiency, he’s gone down to 67%ile after two seasons at 81%ile. Obviously, this has been a shorter season, where he’s played 28 games instead of 50+, so we could see a bounce next season up to his usual 1.2 PPP.

The main change on his game is the increase of volume on pick & pop:

  • 2019/20: 39 out of 97 poss (40%) – 19/34 (56%)
  • 2018/19: 18 out 145 poss (12%) – 9/17 (53%)
  • 2017/18: 1 out of 79 poss (1%) – 0/1 (0%)

Following this trend, with a «normal» season of around 50 games, that could be around 100 shots from pick & pop. For now, all of them have been 2-pointers. He’s been consistent over 50% and he could start trying some 3P shots, not just for him to produce more but also be a threat from outside and bring the opponent center out of the paint.

On the other hand, he’s been a bit less efficient rolling to the basket (1.085 PPP), but he keeps being top-10 (ish) on ACB for getting shooting fouls on this situation. It has been his 3rd season over 70% from the free throw line, so that makes it a good scoring chance (around 1.4 PPP).

Besides, he’s very good slipping the pick, so that adds an extra layer to his pick & roll game and how it can be used from an XsOs perspective and create some doubts on the opponent defense.


His physical tools make him more athletic and faster that other «fives», so it can be a weapon as it matches Andorra’s style of play. Pushing him to run, specially if he doesn’t get the rebound can give him an easy basket, as he’s been efficient these past two seasons (17/23 combined).

Even if he doesn’t finish the fastbreak, he’ll demand an extra effort from his defender, specially if the secondary break turns into a pick & roll situation or he needs to fight screens (crosspick, flex, etc.).

*Post Up*

Even though he has developed some skills at the post and has increased his volume, he’s not a classic back-to-the-basket player -like Musli was-. He’s not much of a passer either, so he’s better used on dynamic situations (PNR, cuts, handoffs, crashing the board) than static on the post.