Team Stats


Basic: ACB League (28 games)

  • Points: 82.6 (7th)
  • Offensive Rating: 98.1 (8th)
  • Opp Points: 80.6 (6th)
  • Defensive Rating: 95.2 (4th)
  • Starting Lineup Points: 44.8 (14th) [54.3%]
  • Bench Points: 37.7 (3rd) [45,7]
  • Rebounds: 31.6 (7th) [50,3%]
  • Off Rebounds: 9.1 (9th) [29.2%]
  • Def Rebounds: 22.5 (9th) [71%]
  • Assists: 16.8 (15th)
  • Turnovers: 13.3 (3rd)
  • Steals: 7.1 (4th)
  • Blocks: 2.1 (16th)
  • Fouls: 20.5 (7th)
  • Field Goals: 29.3/63.2 – 46.4% (6th)
  • 2P Field Goals: 20.5/38.6 – 53.1% (7th)
  • 3P Field Goals: 8.7/24.5 – 35.5% (8th)
  • Contested Field Goals: 22.4/48.9 – 45.8% (5th)
  • Uncontested Field Goals: 4.9/12.3 – 39.8% (9th)
  • Paint Points: 32.2 (11th)
  • Points Off Turnovers: 13.1 (1st)
  • 2nd Chance Points: 6.7 (16th)

  • Opp Field Goals: 28.9/63.0 – 45.9% (10th)
  • Opp 3P Field Goals: 8.9/25.4 – 35.0% (8th)
  • Opp Contested Field Goals: 22.0/48.5 – 45.4% (8th)
  • Opp Unontested Field Goals: 5.0/12.7 – 39.4% (9th)
  • Opp Paint Points: 34.1 (13th)
  • Opp Points Off Turnovers: 10.7 (8th)
  • Opp 2nd Chance Points: 8.7 (17th)

Playtypes: Volume & Efficiency


Shotcharts: Eurocup + ACB League & Cup (46 games)


Here we see a team that’s pretty solid shooting the ball. It’s better than the average (red) in most zones, specially with high volume.

3-pointers above the break are massive in terms of efficiency and it’s nice to see the same percentage from both sides (39.4%), so probably XsOs are compensated on these areas.

That’s 59% in effective field goal percentage, which is exactly what they’re getting at the rim, so good balance there.

If you want to optimize efficiency, there are some zones where percentages go down, and it doesn’t make some sense to keep getting around 35% on long 2s or mid range shots. These account for 150+ attempts and it could be a path to optimize shot profile.

Contested FG
Uncontested FG

As we’ve seen before, efficiency on above the break 3s is good, both in contested and uncontested shots. Accuracy drops from the center, specially on contested, so you’d have to look at film and see if shot selection can be improved.

Corner 3s are pretty solid too, so maybe try to increase the volume for this season. Not much difference between contested (38/110 – 1.036 PPS) and uncontested (28/75 – 1.120 PPS), worth a go.

Pick & Roll - Handler
Pick & Roll - Roller

PNR Handling has been elite in ACB, specially thanks to Hannah (1.19 PPP – 99%ile). Besides, Todorovic is not there anymore who accounted 30%TOV on 100 possessions (a lot!).

Shooting 35% from left wing and center is decent, but check film on right wing shots as they increase up to 46%. Smaller amount, but it could be wise to mirror some sets and increase volume from the right, as they’re shooting twice as much from the left with 9% less accuracy.

Main rollers (Diagne, Llovet and Musli) have been good, all of them over 1 PPP. The arrival of Malick Dime can help boost these numbers: he’s been great this season with 1.31 PPP (on a small sample though -29 possessions- and a lower league).

Off Screens - Contested
Off Screens - Uncontested

Again, we don’t see much discrepancy between contested (39/117 – 1.206 PPS) and uncontested (17/47 – 1.085 PPS) 3P shots.

Jelinek has been consistent these past few seasons around 50th percentile with 0.986 and 0.941 PPP and low turnover rate. Walker has been below average this season (0.778 PPP – 28%il) but he did well in 2018/19 (1.023 PPP – 63%ile), so it could be a matter of finding better positions for him. Anyway, monitor why he’s been worse coming off to his right.

Two top-4 players on shooting off screens are gone (Todorovic & Massenat), so you could give more prominence on this role to good shooters on low volume this year, such as Sy and Hannah:

  • Sy: 1.35 PPP – 93%ile (20 poss)
  • Hannah: 1.053 PPP – 66%ile (19 poss)

Senglin didn’t have to much volume in France either, but if he’s going to play at the «2», we could see an increase if he starts strong, or even on «hybrid» off screen situations like handoffs, where he can shoot directly or turn it into an on ball situation (ISO or PNR) that he obviously prefers.

ACB 2016-2020: League in context